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Meet Susan Robertson, FNP-C

My Story

Sue Robertson grew up in small towns in Minnesota and Iowa. She joined the US Air Force and met her husband while working as a medical technician in Tampa, Florida. After leaving the Air Force, they moved back to Minnesota to start a family. Sue went to school with Mayo Clinic to become a nurse, and then they moved to Illinois. In 1999, they moved to Yuma, Arizona. In 2006, they went to Indonesia to work in a school with students from different countries. While there, Sue studied psychology and counseling. They came back to Arizona in 2013, and she finished her studies to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Sue and her husband moved to Globe, Arizona in 2021 from Yuma. In Yuma, Sue worked in a wound care center and later in pain management. She has gone on trips to other countries to help with medical care. Her first trip was to Indonesia after the tsunami in 2004. She stayed there for three weeks and helped people in small villages. These experiences made Sue passionate about understanding how people want to be cared for and thinking creatively. Her patients say she listens to them and takes care of them with kindness, honesty, and respect, no matter their age, culture, or beliefs. Building trust and relationships is important to Sue, and she enjoys being in a small town to do that. She likes working in family medicine because she gets to know people of all ages and believes that taking care of the mind, body, and spirit is important for good health. She also specializes in wound care and knows different ways to treat wounds, as well as giving joint and trigger point injections.

Sue and her husband, Jesse, have been married for more than 30 years. They have three grown-up children and three lovely granddaughters. Family is very important to Sue, and they enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures and histories. In her free time, she likes taking pictures, reading, sewing, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

"For as long as I can remember, I have loved to learn and wanted to work in Family Practice. I strive be a competent lifelong learner and feel every experience I have provides an opportunity for growth. As a nurse practitioner, I find value in listening, counseling, and providing compassionate, empathetic, and holistic care while maintaining honesty, integrity, and respect to all people of differing ages, cultural dynamics, and belief systems. My goal is to consistently leave a positive impact in the lives of those who have given me the opportunity to come alongside them in their healthcare journey. I strongly believe in working side by side in setting goals and finding individualized ways to meet those healthcare goals, to find ways of improving health based on each person’s belief systems. My profession and working at Palo Verde Family Care has allowed me this and to build rich relationships with my patients and co-workers. Our Palo Verde family is unique in that we are all like family, have similar ethics and beliefs and yet have differing personalities that any one of us can fit with almost anyone that walks through our front doors." 

-Susan Robertson


United States Air Force

St Mary’s School of Practical Nursing

Lewis & Clark Community College

Liberty University

Grand Canyon University

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