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Meet Oscar Andrade, MD

Dr. Andrade is an avid reader and loves to teach and share new medical techniques with his colleagues and team members.

Weekends will find him absorbed in household projects from gardening to carpentry.  He loves to travel and spend time with his family.

Oscar Andrade, MD

Dr. Oscar Andrade is originally from Mexico where he attended and graduated from Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon in Monterey, Mexico in 1989.   He completed his Residency in Family Practice in 1999 at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Chicago.  

Dr. Oscar Andrade is board certified and has over twenty years of experience in Family Medicine as well as a special interest in behavioral health and the treatment of addiction. 

Dr. Andrade is active in the local medical community serving as past Medical Director of the CVRMC Superior and Pleasant Valley Medical Centers as well as previous chairman of the CVRMC Obstetrical Department and past Vice-Chief of Staff.  

He is well-regarded by his patients for his quality and patient-centered approach to treatments.

"Working for the Globe-Miami community has been the privilege of a lifetime. I have developed my career goals through the experience of my practice and realized that being a family doctor is like sitting in the front seat of human development.  The advantage of working in the private sector is that only results can dictate my success. I was fortunate enough to create a team that shares my ethics and beliefs in the practice of medicine in such a manner that coming to work every day at Palo Verde Family Care, feels like coming to my second home. Through the years I have had many patients that have become friends and others that feel as if they were family. That is the ideology of Family Medicine. The multiple disciplines required to practice Medicine in this day and age require continuous updating on genetics, pharmacology, human physiology, pathology etc. This creates both a wish and a commitment to have knowledge of the most up to date and comprehensive information to treat my patients. The multiple disciplines required in my practice have allowed me to reach personal goals. I delivered close to one thousand babies in my lifetime and enjoyed practicing materno-fetal medicine and pediatrics for a long period of time. Now I have the opportunity to seek other interests that have always been very dear to my heart like substance abuse disorders, psychiatric conditions and geriatrics. In this wide spectrum of practice, I am always open to new challenges and take advantage of the latest diagnostic tests and treatments available for my ever-changing mixture of baby boomers, Generation X, Y and Z patients."

-Dr. Andrade


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

Falculty of Medicine

Monterey, Mexico 1989

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