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Meet Joy Watson, PA-C

Joy Watson

Joy Watson is a native Arizonan who has been working as a physician assistant for the past 13 years.

Upon completing her undergraduate at the University of Arizona, she was accepted into the physician assistant program at Midwestern University in 2004. Ms. Watson earned a Master's degree in Medical Science/Physician Assistant studies in 2007, where she began her career with a surgical practice in Mesa, working as a first assistant for several years.

Ms. Watson shifted her focus to primary care and began serving the community in Globe in 2010.  She recently joined  Palo Verde Family in the summer of 2020. 

Ms. Watson's patients often speak to the priority she places on building strong relationships and maintaining a level of compassionate trust. Ms. Watson hopes to inspire and encourage her patients to implement lifestyle modifications as their primary treatment.

By educating her patients on the toxic climate of our processed food culture, and how this often leads us toward life-long medical issues and chronic illness, Ms. Watson seeks to go beyond traditional care methodologies in her overall approach to treatment.

Joy truly believes that family medicine does involve the entire family, and is what ultimately creates a thriving, healthy environment. As a licensed yoga instructor, Ms. Watson actively practices movement and meditation as the foundation for a peaceful and healthy existence. 

"There are many reasons why I truly believe that Palo Verde family care is the best choice in navigating you and your family's healthcare journey. I personally have over fifteen years working as a certified Physician Associate, with 12 of those years dedicated to the community of Globe/Miami.  I feel honored to serve this small community and value the relationships that I have built here.  I consider those that I work with my family, I trust each and every individual that I work alongside, and finding such a cohesive strong blend of people who truly care about our work is a blessing.   In this spirit, I want to invite you into our fold.  As a practitioner, I am someone who is going to contemplate your ailments long after you have left the office.  I am dedicated and determined to find authentic answers that will bring you relief from suffering and pain.  I want you to feel heard, and to come up with a plan together that brings you the quality of life that everyone deserves.  I will do this in all aspects of my practice, be it primary care focused or through our new offerings of aesthetics based services such as botox and fillers.  I understand that finding a practitioner that you trust can be difficult, but I plan to earn that trust with every individual that sits beside me and shares their story.   Come join us at Palo Verde Family Care." 

- Joy Watson, PA-C


University of Arizona

Midwestern University

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